Trouble in San Domingo

For both Stephen and John it was important that this trip to Le Cap Francais be successful. A far as their individual responsibilities were concerned the voyage was successful. Stephen excelled in his management skills as first mate and John was delighted to be working with his brother in his first paying job after his graduation from college. John worshiped Stephen as younger brothers often do. And Stephen certainly liked to have some familial witness to his rising success.  
 But there was trouble in Le Cap after the cargo had been unloaded. Captain Petiteau was caught smuggling illegal goods into a carefully restricted port —Cap-Francais. So how was this disaster to affect the two brothers? The boys had to separate. John traveled to Louisiana to work as a colonial correspondent for his father. Stephen returned to France. This proved to be a great challenge for Stephen because he had to sail the Superbe back to Bordeaux without its certified captain. Again, he showed his extraordinary skill in this maiden voyage as captain.
John who was more sensitive and certainly more sentimental than his brother was very disappointed.
While John was in Louisiana, he fell ill with yellow fever. Away from home, in a strange city and seriously ill, John needed his family more than ever. He was nursed back to health by an attractive young slave girl named Hannah who was to become his mistress and the mother of their mulatto baby girl named Rosette.

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